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Personal Information and Privacy Policy

The following is an outline of the Speedy Cart Services Personal Information and Privacy Policy. This policy is effective January 1, 2004.  Any questions, comments or issues pertaining to this policy should be forwarded to our Privacy Officer, at the email address: info@speedycart.ca

This policy addresses the collection, use, disclosure and security of your personal information. You should read this policy prior to using this web site and prior to engaging any of the organizations above for products or services.

Table of Contents

Section A What is Personal Information
Section B Collection of Information
Section C Use of Information
Section D Access to Information
Section E Nondisclosure of Personal Information
Section F Use of Non-Personal Information
Section G Security
Section H Disclaimer
Section I Contact Information

Section A. What is Personal Information

For the purposes of this policy, Personal Information is defined as: information about a private individual regarding their non-work contact information (including email address), credit and financial information, income and taxation records, purchase and order history, and other information specifically related to that individual and or their family.

Personal information does not include:

  • Contact information that would appear on your business card such as name, title, phone, fax, email, company name, credentials or other similar information
  • Email, voice, or paper based messages sent or received from us, to you, or vice-versa
  • The work product of any company or person who is employed by a company, business or other legal entity
  • Email messages, whether they are for business purposes or not.
  • Financial, purchase, credit, or other similar information about a corporation, partnership, sole proprietor or non-profit organization
  • Invoices, cheques, or other records of payment for products, services or other transactions
  • Information obtained from third parties regarding topics such as credit checks, references, opinions, notes or other related information where the subject of the item is a business, or an employee of a business and the information refers to the business or the work product of the individual

Section B. Collection of Information

Personal information is collected by us primarily as the result of us being engaged by an individual for the purposes of providing products or services. At the time our services are engaged, we will request information from an individual such as:

  • Full name, phone number, fax, email address, and other general contact and shipping information

If the engagement is in the form of a sales transaction, and that transaction is to be tax exempt, we will request the information as is necessary to complete the services that have been requested.  This can include a PST (Provincial Sales Tax) number, a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number and TIRE LEVY number (where applicable).

If you send or receive email, fax, phone, or paper based messages to us, we will collect and archive those communications for future reference. This is done to facilitate customer service, and improve our ability to interact and react to our ongoing relationship.

The Speedy Cart Services web site does not actively collect information about you or your movements.  We may place cookies within your web browser for the purposes of facilitating your interaction with the web site itself.  However, this cookie is not used to track you at any time.

If at any point you submit a "form" that requests your contact information, that information will be electronically captured, in addition to the contents of the form itself, and permanently archived within our information systems.

If at any point you log into any sections of our web site in the capacity of a visitor, customer, or other individual, we will create and maintain records of the date/time you logged into our systems.

Section C.  Use and Maintenance of Information

Information collected about you will be used specifically to complete the service that you have requested. We will maintain copies of the information gathered for up to seven (7) years, or as required by the Government of Canada.

For other types of information, Speedy Cart Services will document and archive your information for as long as we have an ongoing business relationship. At the time that our business relationship is terminated, we will maintain copies of all information collected for a period of two (2) years as documentation in the eventuality that you require that information to resolve a dispute of any nature. At the end of the two-year time period, your information will be destroyed or your personal contact information will be deleted and the sum of the information (which would now be anonymous) will be added to a permanent archive of business statistical information for our use. There is one exception to the two-year time period, and that is purchase order and payment records which will be kept for as long as they are required for corporate financial reporting and taxation needs, typically seven (7) years.

Speedy Cart Services will use the information collected about you only for the purpose for which it was originally collected, and to facilitate our ongoing business relationship. Examples of this ongoing use would be:

  • Delivery of invoices, statements, and other transactional documents
  • Notices to you regarding products and services you have purchased, are currently maintaining, or have specifically indicated you have an interest in receiving information from us.

Speedy Cart Services is dedicated to keeping its records up to date. As long as we have a business relationship, we will periodically verify that our records are accurate with you. This verification may take place as a telephone call, fax, email, or in person. When you engage us for services, we will request that you provide us with authorization to contact you periodically in this regard. If at any time you feel that our records are inaccurate, or that your information has been used for a purpose other than that intended, please contact our privacy officer at info@speedycart.ca, or by contacting them at the address contained at the end of this policy.

Section D. Access to Information

You have the right to access the information that we collect about you. You may request at any time that you be given access to view the information, and recommend to us any corrections that should be made.

After receiving a request, we will contact you within five (5) business days to arrange a date and method for providing you with the access you have requested. In most cases we will be able to provide you with this information by telephone if we can verify your identity, otherwise we will request that you appear in person at our offices, at which time a member of our staff will assist you in viewing the requested material.

If you believe that there is an error in the information we have on file about you, you can request, in writing, that our privacy officer review and correct the information as necessary. When you file your submission you should include a copy of the updated, correct information. The privacy officer will verify the authenticity of the submitted documents, as well as their validity for our purposes prior to updating our records.

There is no fee for this service. To request access to your information, please contact our privacy officer at info@speedycart.ca, or by contacting them at the address contained at the end of this policy.

Section E. Nondisclosure of Personal Information

Speedy Cart Services will not disclose your personal information to anyone or any organization without your explicit permission, except in the circumstance where that information is required in an emergency situation,  where that information is requested as the result of a court order or a request from law enforcement agencies in conjunction with an ongoing investigation.

In the specific circumstances where we need to exchange your information with another organization to complete the service you have engaged us to complete, we will formally request your authorization in writing, by telephone or by email. The authorization received will be kept on record and used only for the purpose it was intended.

If you have questions or concerns about the disclosure of your personal information, or if you believe your information has been improperly disclosed to another organization, contact our privacy office at info@speedycart.ca, or at the address contained at the end of this policy.

Section F. Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

Speedy Cart Services is dedicated to the proper use of all information collected.

Information that is "non-personal" (see the definition in section A), may be collected at any time from a variety of courses including:

Publicly or privately published directories

  • Trade, business, or industry organizations
  • Businesses engaged in the collection and marketing of non-personal information
  • Employee contact lists
  • Any other source

This information may be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Assessment of credit
  • Generation of marketing / prospect, or other lists
  • Generation of statistics, reports, or other documents
  • Delivery of promotional materials such as emails, faxes, telephone calls, or in person visits
  • Other uses

Speedy Cart Services makes no guarantees or warranties as to the methods used to collect, update, or otherwise manage non-personal information.

Section G. Security

Speedy Cart Services makes all reasonable efforts to protect your information.

Much of the information that we collect about you will be stored by computer, on electronic media such as hard disks, compact disks, and other similar technologies. We employ some of the most advanced customer relationship management software available today, and implement it in such a way that your contact information is available only to those persons to whom it is relevant.

We employ different levels of security. Our network is protected by passwords, firewalls and other similar technology. While it is highly unlikely, in the event that a breach of security were to occur that involved your information, Speedy Cart Services will notify you within fourteen (14) business days, so that you can take any appropriate actions based on nature of the security breach.

If you have questions or concerns about the security of your personal information, or if you believe your information has been improperly released, contact our privacy office at info@speedycart.ca, or by contacting them at the address contained at the end of this policy.

Section H. Disclaimer

Speedy Cart Services makes no representations, guarantees or warranties beyond what has been specifically outlined in this document.

Neither Speedy Cart Services, nor any agency, officer, or employee of Speedy Cart Services warrants the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published on this public web site, nor endorses any content, viewpoints, products, or services linked from this system, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Portions of such information may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this system does so at their own risk.

Section I. Contact Information

You may contact Speedy Cart Services as follows:

To review your personal information, or request correction of your personal information:

Privacy Officer
Speedy Cart Services
Phone 204-786-7600
Fax: 204-786-7610